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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Word from the Rescue Center

Though we have not had word from our boys' orphanage today, this morning I was blessed with the chance to briefly communicate with Licia at the Rescue Center. I was so humbled that she took a moment in the midst of her own heavy responsibilities and was thinking of us and our boys. Theirs is a special ministry and she is a very special person.




Licia, HI

how are you?


We are doing okay.

Trying to keep up with everything.


We are praying. I cannot even imagine.


Heard any news about the boys


Only that the children are safe for now but their food supply is limited. We are trying every avenue to get them here, they have their passports and were scheduled for visa appts Tuesday.

The US embassy in Chile is helping us to see if our paperwork could be transferred and we could bring the boys directly here in the meantime.


AHH! Terrible timing for an earthquake!


But there are no flights.

How are the children? Are they frightened? I was in an 8.0 earthquake when I was 10 and was traumatized for a long time afterward.


Yeah we have heard flights are cancelled until Sat the 16th and then who knows

I was walking with Anna, Henley, Carmelo and Ronel when it happed


in the mountains?


Trey and Amos were home with the nannie Everyone was screaming and yelling and they both were freaked out for a few days.

We were walking on a road around the village that we walk everyday fro erercise.


are the aftershocks strong in your area?


Anna has been taking care of Amos and trying to help him out. We are still having aftershocks and tremors---enoough to shake the house


the house is standing firm?


It has several large cracks in it we are just hanging out outside. Sleepin gunder the stars. I am sending as many kids home as I can now. I figure 50 is better than 70 to handle for awhile


yes, that is true ... their homes are safe?


Most live in small homes in the mountain not large block building. All that have came still have housing and are okay they were just worried abou their kids


oh that is good


I was just thinking of writing you this week to see if we coudl meet dace to face when you came back to get the boys...things change so quickly. You were teh first person I thought of when I thought of all the adoption mess the earthquake will cause I know you are sooooo close to having them home witth you

We are praying and appreciate you adn your family and all you do to get the word out to others about haiti God bless you!


Licia, thank you so much. You are one of the most selfless people I know. We continue to pray for you. God bless you.

Just now Licia posted on her blog that their supply of infant formula is running low. Please pray and support this ministry.

I just saw this link to a news reports about the Zachary family and the Real Hope for Haiti ministry:

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Melissa said...

Oh, Stephanie, it just looks awful. We are praying that God will work through this and get the boys home soon.