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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Children Taken Away in Haiti

This slanted report by CNN sickens me ... Please go add your support for Sarah Thacker in the comments section. I have already done so.

Also, you can follow this situation on the Children of the Promise blog. COTP is the home where these children were receiving loving care until their paperwork was in order and they were approved to travel to their families in the United States. During the brief visit COTP's staff member was allowed with the children after they were placed into UNICEF's tent city, she was able to observe that proper supplies (bottles, diapers, etc.) were not available for the children and that there are hardly any adults present. Older children are caring for the little ones. Here is a quote from their blog:
Our children have all the legal papers approved by the U.S. government and that Haitian Prime Minister's signature that allows them to join their parents who are waiting in Florida. Our Senator Klobuchar from MN is actively working on this in addition to the U.S. government staff in Haiti. The adults might not have been kept in custody, but our children are being held in a place with standards far beneath COTP's, without enough supplies. They are traumatized. And they are, by law, still legally under the guardianship of COTP until we hand them over to their parents. This is wrong in more ways than can be imagined.

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