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Monday, February 22, 2010

When the Evil Prosper

I find myself very emotional and frustrated over what is happening in Haiti today. In some ways I think I feel guilty that I have had my children home for a whole month while other parents are still waiting and fighting to experience the same joy.

They should NOT still be waiting.
They should have their children HOME!

I am angry at the corruption and the way UNICEF flexes their mighty, moneyed muscles and everyone cowers. I am angry that UNICEF ripped children with legal paperwork away from their adoptive parents and into their miserable camp, piling trauma upon trauma for children who have already suffered so much. I am angry that UNICEF marched into an orphanage with a wonderful reputation for caring for hurting children, who recently offered its facilities as a safe haven for 20 orphans who have been living outside at the mercy of the elements, and threatened to take them away from a clean, healthy, safe environment just because they can.

I am not making this stuff up. Read THIS and THIS. And read how "safe" the children are in UNICEF's camp HERE.

When the evil prosper ...


Carla B said...

I am angry about it too. I think I posted once a while ago that I don't understand how anyone could really be "anti-adoption" other than satan himself. I'm coming to realize that he is using many people, even good intentioned people, to keep children out of loving homes and even nurturing orphanages. God cares for the orphaned....the world and its powers are proving it doesn't. I'm so happy that your boys made it home. don't feel guilty about that.

Lorrie said...

I've been reading about your wonderful little boys via Kristi's facebook and I was so excited that you were able to bring them home. UNICEF in most communities is the largest financial supporter for Planned Parenthood. I stopped giving to them 35 years ago. They have forgotten WHY they became UNICEF and WHO they were set up to help.
Maybe these families need someone at FOX news to champion the needs of these innocent children and bring this cause to light...

Melanie said...

I am right there with you. This is just unbelievable and there just are not enough words to express the injustice of it all. This is sooo wrong on so many levels. I have never adopted a child from Haiti but I am an adoptive momma and my heart goes out to these families! I am praying and sending out prayer request to my church. May God who is bigger than Unicef and all the other agencies involved move quickly and mightly for these children!

Salzwedel Family said...

It is such a heartbreaking tragedy.