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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Mary" Moments, Part Three

On Friday, three days after the boys' arrival, we decided a shopping trip was in order. There were a couple of specific items we needed to purchase in the States because they either weren't available or were extremely expensive in Chile, among which were a double stroller and baby gates. So it was that our "small" group of five adults (my mom, dad, sister Terri, sis-in-law Raquel and me) and two toddlers (Ian and Alec) converged on the local Target.

I guess we did make something of a spectacle as we buckled the boys into a bright red two-seater cart, all the while oohing and aahing and snapping pictures! We created enough of a commotion that two of the store employees approached us. Their very first question was whether our little guys were from Haiti. When we responded in the affirmative, they wanted to know their names, ages, etc. and were so excited for them and for us. They even asked to take pictures with the boys.

Next thing we knew, they were on a search for some special gifts for Ian and Alec. While we purchased what we needed, the two employees happily scoured the toy section and soon returned with a huge gift bag and a card. We really couldn't believe it! Pictures were snapped again and we all just laughed in pure shock and delight at yet another unexpected surprise, all because of these two precious boys.

It was so very special that our sons would receive this kind of welcome in so many different places. It had nothing to do with us and everything to do with the miracle God had wrought to bring them to this place, at this time, under these circumstances. To God be the glory!


Kathy C. said...

That's so funny. People think it's cool we adopted the twins but I know if it hadn't been for the earthquake no one would have cared that much. Too bad it takes an earthquake to raise awareness.

Melissa said...

I am so glad that you are sharing these moments with us. It will be neat to share them with Ian and Alec as they get older.

It is exciting to see that after such a long and hard wait, God brought the boys to you and even threw in these extra blessings. God is so good.

Bill and Christina said...

Praise God! That is awesome!