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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Mary" Moments, Part Two

After departing the Miami Passport Office (with joy in our hearts!) we eventually made our way to a Denny's restaurant. It was the boys' first adventure in eating out in the US and Pop-Pop made sure to tell our waitress what a monumental moment this was. She might have eventually figured it out on her own by how excited Ian and Alec were to dig into their plates of spaghetti!

This lunch was a moment in time that I will always treasure. Even now as I write down some of these memories the emotions come flooding back and bring tears to my eyes. Such a simple, normal thing as sitting down to lunch at a family restaurant, but on the heels of the incredible events of the previous 48 hours and the amazing miracle we had just witnessed by being granted the boys' US passports - and then having my parents there to share it all with us - it was just very, very special.

Then came the "Mary" moment. ("Mary" moments are what I call the stories of miracles and blessings we experienced in those first days after our sons were evacuated from Haiti and placed in our arms.) We had finished lunch, Dad had sent his debit card back to pay for it, and the manager appeared at our table. The waitress had told him our story. He shared with us that they had several Haitian employees and the earthquake had touched their staff in a personal way. He handed Dad back his card and told us that this lunch was a "welcome home" gift to our sons. Then he introduced us to a Haitian employee who was smiling from ear to ear!

This man began to speak to Ian and Alec in Creole and it was like a light came on for Ian. His eyes sparkled and he got a huge smile on his face! It was beautiful. A few minutes later after we had gathered our things and prepared to leave, Ian saw the man down the hallway again and waved excitedly to him. He was still happy to be with us, but it seemed almost like a palpable relief to him to hear and see someone that reminded him of Haiti and reassured him that he was not alone in this strange new world.

What made this moment so beautiful is that it was such a surprise. We were blessed by unexpected human kindness and compassion, and it is a memory I treasure.


Future of Hope said...

Reading your "Mary" moments once again reminded me of how God's timing is so much better than our own. His timing of bringing your babies to your arms has allowed you SO MANY opportunities to come into contact with people who so desperately need hope. What a blessing that God has allowed your family to be a part of that.
Blessings to you, and thanks for sharing your precious moments with us!

Deanna (Away2me) said...

Oh Steph you got me crying to start the morning off! What a beautiful memory.