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Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month Ago: Haiti's Earthquake

I remember receiving a call from a colleague, asking whether I had heard about the earthquake in Haiti. It was shortly after it occurred. In the month that has passed my memories have blurred somewhat and I can't remember now if I had just heard about the earthquake on Facebook prior to her calling, or if I confirmed the news on Facebook immediately after her call. Either way, Facebook quickly became my lifeline to news about our sons.

At 8:33 p.m. our stateside contact confirmed via her FB status that she had spoken with our adoption coordinator in Haiti and that all the children at the orphanage were well. I am so thankful for that communication because shortly after the phone lines went down and we could learn nothing new for some time.

I will never know for sure what my boys experienced in the earthquake. They were at the creche/daycare at the time rather than with Lawanna, but soon returned to her side and stayed there until they came home. I do know that they spent days sleeping outside and that even now, if I show the boys pictures of the nannies and children sleeping outdoors, Ian rejects them with a firm, "No!" and turns away while Alec clings a little more tightly to my neck.

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. This weekend will be a time of prayer and fasting throughout the country. Last night, I began to read additional first-hand accounts from individuals who were there when the tragedy struck. What I read was stunning, frightening, amazing, inspiring. God truly was in the midst of the heartbreak. There is no other explanation for the miracles which took place. I encourage you to read this blog and this blog.

There has been much discussion today in the blog world about Anderson Cooper's latest report and its slant on how it is preferable for children to remain in orphanages in their home country rather than be adopted abroad. So many bloggers have written well-crafted posts in response that I will just share those links here. I will only say that I truly believe every child deserves a home and a family ... and an orphanage - whether good or bad - is neither.
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