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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Songs of Praise

I first saw this video on Susan's blog post.. She writes that this weekend in Haiti is set aside not to mourn those who died, but to pray and fast for those who are living. My boys listened to this song over and over again this afternoon. I like to think the beautiful sounds of their native language comforted and blessed my little boys' hearts today.


Anonymous said...

eli liked it too....i wondered if eli recognized any of the women as his susan's blog!!


Amanda said...

My Joshua watched this twice, swaying to the music...sweet. Thanks for sharing!

DotBlogger said...

I am in tears.
My 5 year old daughter, who's been home for Haiti for 17 months, who's lost all her Creole, came RUNNING to the computer after she heard the singing.

She looked at the screen and said "That's, Haiti, right?"

I said "Yes. Have you heard this song before?"

She replied "Yes. She has a beautiful voice."

Thank you for sharing.