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Friday, February 12, 2010

Pursuing the Perfect Picture

... while falling woefully short. Still, I love this one! It makes me smile. All four kids quite obediently sat down for the picture. First, we had a garbage bag in the background - not pretty. So they all scooted down a bit, away from the offending object. Then, Owen decided putting his fingers over his eyes would be fun. Little brother Alec quite agreed and did the same. Big sister Isabel tried to keep everyone happy while Eva smiled her "let's get this over with" smile. Eager to please, Ian yelled "Cheeeese!" but neglected to do so in the direction of the camera! Oh well ... I shall keep pursuing the 'perfect' photo, but in the meantime this one will be quite perfect enough. :)


Anonymous said...

i agree...i think it is quite perfect too!!!


Sally said...

hi there lovely friends, (do you remember us?? SCA friends!) Just to say what an amazing surprise and joy to see your boys are home. God is so good! I'm so excited! xxxx