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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remembering, Part Five

January 20, 2010

The first morning we shared with Ian and Alec was all we could have hoped for. The boys were happy, playful, and excited about the new world around them. They loved looking out the hotel bedroom window to the cars and fountains below, and dancing along to Diego on the television. We brought up food from the breakfast bar, and they ate hungrily in between visits to the window.

Eventually we packed up and began the drive to Grandma Garcia's house, stopping for gas and Starbucks coffee and a quick call to make sure they were expecting us. It was a pretty day with lots of sunshine and a comfortable drive in our rental car. The drive gave Pedro and I time to talk about so much that had happened and to unwind from the emotions and events of the previous few days.

I think I will always hold the peace and joy and beauty of this first day - especially this first morning - with the boys in my heart. Recently I was sharing with my oldest daughter Eva my memories of the first morning she was in our home. Such similar sensations, similar joys. I am so very thankful for the journeys God has taken us on to bring our children home. Each one so different, and at times so hard, but oh so worth it. We are truly blessed.

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