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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remembering, Part Four

January 19, 2010 - continued
Since all four families had booked rooms at the same hotel, Kristy and her husband offered to lead the way back to Orlando. They buckled their twin girls into their car and we buckled our boys into ours (thanks to Uncle Mateo and Aunt Raquel, who not only provided the car seats but snacks for the long drive!) Alec was not a fan of the car seat. While Pedro stayed with the boys, I walked back and waited for a chance to speak with Barbara. I didn't know when, if ever, I would see her again and wanted to be sure and say thank you for everything she had done to get our boys home.
We "caravaned" through the dark night, driving about two hours to our Country Inn & Suites outside the Orlando airport. The boys quickly fell asleep and stayed asleep, even after Pedro checked us into the hotel and then drove to Walmart where I purchased needed supplies while he drove around the parking lot. It was so nice to shop in the United States again!
Once back at the hotel the boys woke up and were initially very clingy. But Daddy got great smiles playing with them on the bed - just like he did when we met them for the very first time in September of 2008. I had to remind him, though, that Ian and Alec weren't used to rough play after living with women most of their lives! :)
Bathtime was enjoyed only by Alec (after his initial nervousness wore off.) Ian screamed at the top of his lungs and received only the minimum of cleaning, but it was so sweet to have two yummy-smelling boys in their matching jammies afterwards!
The boys' first meal in the USA was Wendy's chicken nuggets, which they ate off a clean towel while sitting on the hotel room floor. Alec discovered the disposable cups in the hotel room and was happy as a clam with those as his "toys." Full and tired, each of us took one boy and a bed and soon all were asleep. I remember waking up several times with a sense of wonder that finally, truly, our boys were here with us.

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