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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bloodwork Today

This morning we woke the little boys early to hustle them out the door and to the laboratory for bloodwork, hopefully before they realized that they had missed breakfast along the way! They really did well for the most part, and our wait was not terribly long. First they took Alec and hooked him up with a little urine sample bag and then proceeded to draw blood. It took two technicians and me to hold him still! He was really mad, but the candy at the end cheered him up quickly.

Ian was next and handled the bloodwork like a champ. He simply sat and watched the whole thing somewhat quizzically. While we waited for the boys to produce their "samples" we took all five kids out front and Pedro bought fruit juice to go around. The juice did the trick and soon enough the boys had fulfilled their duty and we were free to go!

It went as smoothly as we could have asked except for all the attention our small tribe elicited. Everyone who passed by had to stop and ask questions and make comments, all positive but nonetheless it made us a bit uncomfortable. Pedro said he felt like we were a "side show" and when the kids asked to take a walk this evening he said we had to wait until it was almost dark out so as not to repeat the experience!

More to share but will have to wait until the morning. Good night!


Twinsplusthree said...

Awesome picture! So heartwarming. You need to but it next to that canvas painting you won.

Carla Burlando said...

Beautiful photo! Your family is gorgeous. Hang in there mama as two toddlers test your patience and stamina. I can relate to the food issues. We had a foster son (18months) who was the sweetest mild tempered little boy..until he came anywhere near the possibility of food. Then it was all drama. It was sad to see him struggle with so many "food issues" at such a young age. I hope he starts to trust that he will be fed and the food anxiety lets up soon. For the sake of you thighs :)