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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boys These Days (Update)

Recently we met with a social worker from New Mexico who graciously agreed to fly down and do a post-placement visit with us. Reviewing the boys' story with him reminded us of just how far they have come in the one month since arriving home to Chile.

One month ago, for all the joy of having the boys home it was almost impossible to make it through a day without frequent tantrums and fighting. If one of the boys got mad at the other or at me, it resulted in biting/pinching/scratching/screaming. I worried about Ian's eating issues (acting desperate to eat and going bananas every time I stepped into the kitchen.) I was also concerned about attachment issues because of Ian's overly friendly nature with everyone. Naptime and bedtime required me to be in the room with the boys and in their line of vision until they drifted off. I couldn't walk into another room without resulting tears and little feet following quickly behind me.

Now, we can actually make it through a day without a biting incident! We still deal with this issue often but it is not overwhelming like it was at first. Ian no longer acts out over food and will even refuse food if he is not hungry or doesn't like it. He drinks like crazy. Also, though he is still quite friendly he will initially hold back and usually returns now to "home base" (aka, Mommy.) Both boys do great at naptime and bedtime. I put on their favorite children's cd, pray with them, kiss them, lay them down, and voila! they usually stay down for the count even when I leave the room. And though the two of them still tend to follow me all around the house (especially Alec) they do so more out of curiosity than panic. Also, they will sometimes play with their brother and sisters and forget all about Mommy for a while! :)

Speaking of brother and sisters, the five kids are getting along so much better now. Owen does not seem to hold as much resentment against his brothers and though he is still a little standoffish at times, they often enjoy some really good play times together. The girls in particular have been a big help when we need them to keep Ian and Alec occupied for a few minutes. Usually with very good attitudes, they will take them to the front patio or into their bedroom and entertain them with toys and games. Ian has learned everyone's names and it isn't unusual now to hear him bossing Eva around or calling for "Owee!" It's so cute.

Personality-wise, the boys are pretty different. Ian is independent and active. He likes to be going full speed most of the time. He will occasionally stop for a hug or kiss or a few minutes of sitting on my lap, but soon he hops off and rushes around again. He is very curious and smart, always observing and often imitating what he sees and hears around him. He can be stubborn when he sets his mind on something, but he can also be kind and caring. Ian likes to laugh and tease and his eyes sparkle when he is excited and happy. He can play imaginatively alone and with others. He is very friendly and lovable!

Alec definitely eats up his role as baby of the family. He loves to be held and usually is glued to me wherever I go. He is a huge "snuggler" and for that I am thankful. He is still a great eater. Alec is actually very coordinated and athletic despite being so roly poly. He has a lot of upper body strength and can pull himself up off the ground and do the splits in mid-air! When he throws a soccer ball, he throws it over his head with proper form and with strength and accuracy. He loves balls. He has a great laugh and Daddy can especially get him hysterically giggling. Around strangers or new situations, though, Alec always reverts to his super serious mode. He watches everything with his deep dark eyes but keeps those two fingers plugged in his mouth and won't let go of Mommy for anything.

I am so thankful that God led us to adopt these two little boys together. I have watched their relationship blossom from acquaintances that happened to share a room with seven or so other babies to true brothers who watch out for each other and enjoy each other's company. I love that all five of our kids are starting to mesh in that way now. Our daily lives can be hectic at time; sometimes we go a little crazy; but truly every day is a gift!

The video below is of a funny moment I captured of the little boys entertaining themselves on a hot summer's day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)


Amundson Family Musings said...

OK, I just have to say, I LOVE THAT SHIRT THAT IAN HAS ON. "Pee all that you can pee." Does he have one that says, "To pee or not to pee."???

Rebekah Hubley said...


they look so great and they seem like they have been brothers forever. I am so glad that things seem to be meshing for you guys!!! Your family is beautiful!!!!