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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haircuts (aka Three Bald Boys)

The first thing on Owen's mind this morning was getting a haircut. I don't know why he was so insistent, but Daddy eventually obliged by oiling up the clippers and setting up shop in the back yard.

Daddy's Barber Shop has been previously featured on our family blog. The routine is always the same: a basic buzz cut, followed by a slathering of shaving cream and a razor shave down to a shiny scalp. Personally, we have always loved the bald look on Owen. He has such a nice head for it!

Today, as I said he was very "into" getting his hair cut and as usual his favorite part was the shaving cream. What made the experience extra special, though, was that his little brothers got to participate, too. Owen laughed gleefully when he saw Ian and Alec sporting the shaving cream look. I think it was a bonding moment!

So here are our three bald little boys. We are going to get an earful when we take this trio to church tomorrow, as this is not a hairstyle that is too common in Chile (except on newborn babies who get their heads shaved in the hospital so their hair grows in evenly and thick, or so the wives' tale goes!) We usually hear expressions of dismay and a woeful "Why?" from our friends here. But Mommy thinks they all three look very cute!

And Mommy's not prejudiced at all. :)


Terri Fisher said...

What a great photo! I'm so glad to see Owen so happy with his brothers!

Adrienne said...

They DO look so cute! What a great picture!! :-)

Mr. Garcia said...

Love the dos, nephews!

Mr. Garcia said...

Love the do's nephews!