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Friday, March 19, 2010

Chronicles of a Morning

It has been a busy morning and we have yet to hit noon. I thought it might be fun to chronicle the adventure of parenting little boys via this morning's Facebook statuses. Why is it that with boys there seems to never be a dull moment??

Can anyone explain why after a day without a nap (which is why I expected them to SLEEP IN this morning) the little boys would instead be up before 7 a.m.?? I am pretending not to hear them ... :)

I think Ian and Alec should be poster children for Quaker oatmeal.

And now I'm a little worried as to why Ian came up to me pointing insistently into his wide open mouth while holding a marble in his hand. Is he trying to tell me that A) He wants to eat it? Or that B) He was good boy and didn't eat it?? Or that C) He swallowed something else altogether??? Okay, for sanity's sake I am going with B!

Meanwhile I discover Alec hunched over in a corner, blowing on something ... which turns out to be a SPIDER. Very much alive, I would add. BOYS, ack!

And then there's my other funny son.

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