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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Say Please

Lately Daddy has been diligently working with the little boys, trying to teach them to say "Please." Now I should probably mention that we had our suspicions that they already knew this simple little word. And we definitely felt they were quite able to at least mimic it, since they are already saying "Hola" (Hi) and "Chao" (Bye) in Spanish after being here for less than two months.

But for whatever reason, Ian in particular has been refusing to say "please." Was it stubbornness, we wondered? Lack of understanding? Either way, this ongoing situation led to a funny moment the other day.

Alec was wanting something (probably food) and Pedro said, "Say please!" When Alec did say please, Pedro congratulated him robustly with a "Good boy, Alec! Good boy!" Then it was Ian's turn. Pedro said, "Say please, Ian. Say please."

To which Ian looked Daddy right in the eye and very deliberately responded, "Good boy! Good boy!" Ahhh ... He is such a little stinker! :)

(For the record, I chatted with their nanny Lawanna on FB yesterday and she assured me the boys know how to say both "please" and "thank you" perfectly well. Yep ... Did I mention he was a little stinker??)

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Anonymous said...

We wonder what Geoff thinks when he's holding out his cup shouting, "More! More!" We have him say "please", but does he think we're encouraging the Creole word for "more" which is "plis"?

Erin (BNB's mom)