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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Long-Awaited Celebration

A couple of times people have asked me if we prepared Owen for his brothers' homecoming, especially in light of how difficult the adjustment was for him initially. I always respond that yes, he knew and was excited about their coming. Tonight I ran across this March 30, 2009 post and it brought a smile to my face, remembering just how very aware and thrilled Owen was about his brothers during the two long years it took to bring them home. As we are nearing his birthday yet again, I thought it fitting to re-post it here. I praise GOD that this year, all of my boys will finally celebrate together!

He Made Mommy Cry

My 3- going on 4-year old son made me cry just now.

Owen has been so excited about his upcoming birthday. Last week, a classmate had his birthday party at school and since then the anticipation has skyrocketed! Today after pre-school we were talking about it again and I told him that when Mommy comes back from Haiti, then we will have his birthday at school.

In response to which he happily chirped, "And Ian and Alec will come to my birthday, too!"


I had to explain that once again, his brothers would not be coming home with Mommy from her Haiti trip. (Owen was so disappointed when we came home empty handed from our last trip that he cried. He had seen us with Ian and Alec on our laps when we called via Skype, and when I said they were still in Haiti he wailed, "But I saw them with you! I want my brothers!")

This time, however, there were no tears. He just assured me, "I knew that!" and no sooner were those words out of his mouth then he slipped right into a prayer. "Thank you Jesus for Mommy's trip and for Ian and Alec ... and for Ian and Alec to be at my birthday. Amen!"

Be still my heart! That is how he made Mommy cry. I mean, wouldn't you be crying too?? Lord, please hear my son's precious prayer ...

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