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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Three Reasons to Smile

I love the way Ian and Alec look up to their big brother Owen. He doesn't always appreciate their great interest in him, but I think it is just so darn cute. Tonight, for instance, I had brushed the little guys' teeth and had them all jammied up for bed when Owen arrived and started his bedtime routine. No sooner had he put on his pajamas and headed for the bathroom then Ian and Alec started remonstrating, "Oweh! Bah tee!" (Owen! Brush teeth!) They feel it is their duty to tell big brother what to do.

Then they proceeded to crowd behind him into the bathroom in their sweet little jammies with their puffy little diaper bottoms. They reached out and caressed Owen's arms and got their hands into his toothpaste and did their best to get underfoot. I watched the three of them and it made me so happy to see them together. Owen is getting tall and lanky, wearing pajama bottoms that ride up on his ankles because everything is getting too short. Ian appears to have had a growth spurt and resembles his big brother in his slim build; his pajamas were a good two inches above his ankles tonight! And then there's Alec who doesn't seem to grow up but out, doing the penguin waddle with his big belly practically bursting the snaps on his now-tight jammies.

Tonight the fleeting thought crossed my mind that when we started our Haitian adoption journey we were first matched with twins, a boy and a girl. But how thankful I am that God had two little boys in mind instead, because when I see Ian and Alec with Owen my heart is just full of emotion. I love my "testosterone trio" even when they shave a few years off my life with their antics (but that's a post for another day!)

Thank you, Lord, for three sweet reasons to smile.

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