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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Alec Stephen

Dear Alec,

A couple of nights ago I checked on you while you were sleeping, and as I looked down on your chubby little body all tucked up in dreamland I was struck again with awe that you are truly, finally here.

I remember looking down on you the same way while you slept at night during my visits to Haiti, and how tender and nostalgic those moments were - tender because there is nothing so sweet and precious as a sleeping babe, yet nostalgic because I knew our days together were numbered and far too short.

This time last year I was with you in Haiti, celebrating both your birthday and Ian's together. The day of the party you became ill and it was obvious because we could barely get you to eat your birthday cake! The truth is you became ill every time I visited, at least with the sniffles. I was afraid you might be allergic to me. :)

But today you are HOME ... you are HEALTHY ... you are HAPPY. There is so much to celebrate on this special day and I thank God for His innumerable blessings on your life and ours in bringing you to us. We love you so much! and we are so happy to celebrate your first birthday as a whole family.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Alec Stephen Garcia.

All my love,

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