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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letter from USCIS

For each of our boys, we recently received a letter from USCIS requesting two 2x2 photographs taken within 30 days of the date on the form.

I would like to be hopeful that they need these because they are reconsidering issuing the boys' Certificates of Citizenship, but based on their previous response I doubt it. (For the record, we contacted a number of pertinent offices about our situation and the most helpful response we received was from the US Citizen Services branch of the US Embassy in Chile. They assured us that "If your children are U.S. passport holders they are already U.S. citizens" - regardless, apparently, of whether they have the CoC. We will still try to obtain the CoC when we return to the States in 2012 just to be on the safe side, though.)

All that to say, has anyone else been asked for this? I am curious as to what it is all about.

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Shelley said...

That's the size of the photo that is glued to the Certificate of Citizenship. So, I would guess that they are requesting the photos so that they can issue the certificates. You can't get a certificate without giving them a photo :)