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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Double Trouble

Double trouble.

Some days that is exactly what these two are! (Lucky for them they're so cute.)

This morning started with Alec tumbling halfway down the steps. Fortunately he has lots of padding and was a bit scared and startled but not hurt. I rushed to help him with Ian at my heels and no sooner had I gathered Alec in my arms than Ian decided to pretend to fall. He did so very gingerly so as not to really hurt himself, but moaned and whimpered all for the purpose of getting his fair share of the sympathy his brother was getting from Mommy.

And that's the way it goes around here. One gets picked up for some love and the other decides he needs some, too. I think it's funny how both boys know to "back up" to the rocking chair now because it's easiest for me to rock them at the same time if they are sitting facing forward with one on each knee. Despite the occasional aggravation of only one Mommy to divide between two babies, I have to say that I breathe a sigh of contentment when the two of them relax on my lap and we slowly rock back and forth together. This is what we waited for so long.

At one point today I managed to sneak a snuggle in with Alec while Ian was otherwise occupied. When he didn't happen to see us rocking in the corner he climbed to the second floor, talking excitedly and loudly (hence his new nickname "mega mouth!") because he was sure he'd find us there. I was listening intently to make sure he did not try the third floor and heard him go silent when we were nowhere in sight, then start saying sadly: "Mommy bye-bye? Mommy bye-bye?" I quickly called him downstairs because it broke my heart for him to think I had left him all alone! But at the same time it was so sweet to know that he loves and would miss his Mommy if I did go away.

In other news, Ian tried to put a dirty roller skate into my 27.5-cup Tupperware sugar container today. Just wanted to make sure that got recorded on the blog for posterity's sake! :)

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