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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, Honestly

This year for Mother's Day, I got to stay home with two runny-nosed little boys.

They were a bit grumpy.

We tried laying on a blanket and watching a little t.v.

It turned into this instead.

Alec insisted on stealing Ian's pillow and sitting on his brother.

Eventually Ian had enough and retaliated.

Then Mommy had enough and sent the two offenders to bed.

(Which is why I think my Mother's Day present will be a nap and some ibuprofen.)

1 comment:

sea salt MOSAIC said...

LOVE it! It seems like such a relief seeing your boys doing this. . . .

anything's better than watching my sweet Urbana in her little flitty dresses fighting with Sève like a good old fashioned Norman Rockwell painting!