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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Mid-Morning (Movie).MPG

My posts have become more infrequent and I think that is a direct result of having two in the "terrible twos" these days! We have hit a defiant stage that often has me scratching my head (or more accurately, pulling my hair out) and asking myself, "Were my other kids like this at this age?" I honestly can't remember. I've tried to weigh whether it's a personality difference or a numerical difference (two toddlers versus one) or whether I had just blotted it from my memory. :)

At any rate, the camera has been (safely) tucked away but I did manage to get a video of some quiet playtime the other morning and thought I would share. Love these boys as much as ever as we continue to get to know them day by day.


sea salt MOSAIC said...

what fun! how our sève loves his "ah-eee" (aka - MA-sheen) as well! hours of just rolling his cars across the edge of the table. . .boys and cars - it starts early.

God's Grace said...

I don't post as much either. Just can't sit and "think" too much or anything can happen! :) is was nice seeing the boys playing! Boy are just programmed for fun...or should I say, energy!!!