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Sunday, June 13, 2010

You're a Funny Boy

Tonight the boys refused their milk before bed so I asked Isabel to hand me their bottles to put in the fridge for tomorrow. When she took Alec's he threw a full-blown fit complete with screaming and banging his head against the back of the high chair.

I walked over and stood in front of Alec, very sternly giving him "the look." Ian, in the seat beside him, took one glimpse at my face and immediately leaned over to instruct his brother as to the proper response: "Yes, Mommy! Yes, Mommy!"

I couldn't help bursting into laughter at Ian's concerned expression and feverish attempt to get Alec to straighten up before things got any worse. Later, when I shared this story with Pedro we laughed again and said to Ian, "You're a funny boy!" His eyes lit up and he got a big grin from ear to ear. I think that may be one of his favorite compliments - he does love to make us laugh! :)

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