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Friday, August 13, 2010


A few days ago Alec gave his poor sister and yours truly quite a scare! He and Isabel were hanging out in the front patio when he tripped and fell, hitting his head on the corner of a large cement flagpole stand. Since usually the cries around our house are related to injuries not life-threatening, I responded immediately but took my time walking around the house to see what was the matter.

Much to my shock, blood was running down Alec's face and out of his mouth. Isabel was frightened and I could tell she was quickly spiraling towards panic, so I did my best not to follow suit and to keep the atmosphere calm. We hurried inside and sat him on a kitchen stool while I located a clean cloth and soaked it in some cool water. My first impression was that Alec had a head wound as well as possibly having knocked out a tooth.

Okay, now this is somewhat humorous and I hope this doesn't make me a terrible mom, but I do have to admit something. Even as I cleaned up my child I kept thinking in the back of my mind, "I should have taken a picture!" That's what scrapbooking will do to you! But as you can see, I did exert self-control and waited until we had established that he was fine. :)

Alec bravely applies pressure to his head wound

As it turns out, the only wound Alec had was a small gash at his hairline and a goose egg on his forehead. I had always heard that head wounds bleed a lot, and now I can attest to that fact!

Thankfully, he bounced right back and much to Mommy's dismay, just a few minutes later he was discovered trying to stand and balance himself on top of Daddy's briefcase which was wobbling precariously on the (rock-hard) tile floor of the living room.

Good thing Alec likes the tough-guy bandaid look, because I have a feeling he and bandaids stand a chance of becoming very close friends! :)

looking cool after all the excitement


Becky said...

Maybe you should buy stock in the Band-Aid company!

Anna and David said...

I cut my eyebrow once and thought I might need a transfusion due to so much blood loss. So, I imagine it would be very scary for a little guy. Thank goodness for the healing power of bandaids!

Stacey said...

That is true once you start scrapbooking everything is a picture no matter how much blood. I find myself taking pictures of everything. Glad to hear that he is ok.

Corey and Nicki Shields said...

Glad that it was nothing too serious. I had to smile at the picture of him in the Bakugan shirt. I had no idea that Bakugan made it to Chile. Here's to hoping that he doesn't need to o many band-aids in in his future. Tomo is my band-aid boy.