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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turning a Corner

Lately I have felt that we are turning a corner with our little boys. After seven months, it seems as though we are finally "gelling" as a family. Suddenly it is not so much "us" and "them" as in older kids vs. younger kids and trying to juggle the needs of each group, but more of "we" and seeing the girls especially take an interest in playing with their little brothers and helping take care of them without being prodded to do so.

It also means that Ian and Alec are happy to be with all their family members rather than clinging quite as much to Mommy - although on the other hand, I find that they are much more affectionate of their own accord, especially Ian who now seems to seek out snuggling and holding rather than being too busy to stop and be held.

I cherish this new rhythm of family life. I am a little nervous, because on Friday I leave for three days and I hope my being gone won't be too disruptive to our new, more comfortable "normal." But at the same time I recognize the value of one-on-one Daddy time and the way my absence will force Ian and Alec especially to depend on him rather than on me. I think it will be a good exercise in bonding - and patience, no doubt! :)

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