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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Praying the Date

still praying the date:

Updated to add: I "talked" to both of my boys on the telephone today. A special blessing after my trip was that both Ian and Alec were able to stay in LaWanna's care! She has a "mother's helper" living with her now - a young girl name Johanne who is also awaiting adoption and who loves to help with the babies.

Neither of the boys said anything to me over the phone, but they both expressed disgust when it was taken away! :) LaWanna said they were smiling when they heard my voice. She thinks they know who I am. I can only hope so!

I love hearing her stories about the babies. She said that Ian is starting to take his walking more seriously, and lately has been using the high chair as a "walker." Only, he gets very annoyed and pitches a fit when he hits a dead end! Stephen has gotten two bottom teeth and as a result has been feeling a little under the weather.

Last night, she said, both boys were sitting side by side in the highchairs with their baby bottles. They were each holding the bottle up to their ear and pretending to be on the phone with each other! Now that is something I wish I could have seen. I can't wait to share these special memories with them at home. Please keep "praying the date" with us!

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