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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Children Caught in the Middle, Part Two

Read part one here.

And if you care about the orphans of Haiti, read the posts below. Write or call your officials and let them know that what UNICEF is doing is wrong and is further hurting - not helping - the people of Haiti:
Post by Randy Bohlender

Post by Livesays in Haiti

Post by Kristen Howerton

Post by Rollings in Haiti

Also be aware that the first choice of UNICEF for children - that of staying with any available biological relative before considering adoption - often results in this kind of tragic and heartbreaking situation in the country of Haiti, as reported by CNN. Notice that UNICEF sent this child back and that UNICEF is quoted as not believing she was a restavek despite the horror she exhibited toward the family which had owned and misused her:


Tracey said...

But of course the anti adoption people that I have been dealing with would say the bio families need to have contact otherwise the children won't adjust right and will end up being serial killer....God Bless.

Anne said...

Stephanie... This breaks my heart. I have to say though that I think the U.S. is complicit in this... doing foster care domestically there is a huge push to get kids to family or back to parents no matter what the family is like. Sometimes the parent(s) are not bad people just totally incapable of parenting their child(ren) (or any child(ren) for that matter) and they push them home. There is poor planning for the reunification. They push a parent in poverty with few parenting skills (they love their child(ren) but they don't have what it takes) to parent. There are articles talking about how great these programs are that get the kids home or to relatives... what no one knows is it's a ruse... the kids are not going to be taken care of well and in some cases the parents are simply not prepared or able to care for their child. I can see the exact same thing that is described her in these haiti blogs happening in the U.S. The parent will beg, borrow, steal and harm their child just to be able to survive. This isn't all the time Stephanie but I'm seeing it more and more. What just breaks my heart is people think how wonderful that the states take family so much into consideration... just like Unicef. Well it's really a political ruse in some cases.