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Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Week at Home - Friday 1/29/10

Ian was the early riser today, and we got some cuddle time in first thing. It didn't last long because he was eager to get back on his bike, but he did ride over to me repeatedly and lay his cheek on my knee. I guess that counts for something!

love these beautiful eyes

I should mention that last night for the very first time, Ian took a bath without major screaming and squealing. He was still not a huge fan but he definitely is coming around! However, I decided that bathing the two boys together by myself is not such a great idea. Alec thinks the bathtub is one big swimming pool and has no concept of the injuries that can be produced by doing belly flops and flips in such slippery surroundings. He also refuses to sit and I had to get pretty hard-nosed with him about that. Needless to say it was challenging and quite messy! But they did smell so sweet afterward.

Today our friend Tia Martha came over to help clean house. That was wonderful. Ian really liked her and both boys really loved the homemade baby food/soup she offered to make for them. (She raised six children, so she should be a pro!)

I took the boys out in the car for the first time and they loved sitting up high in the van and having a great view of the city and the ocean. I think they liked listening to Adventures in Odyssey too. When I accidentally hit a wrong button and changed the station I heard some grunting in the back seat, and when I got the right story back on the grunting changed to something more like cooing. At least that's how I interpreted it!

Anyway, the purpose for our car trip was to drive to the pediatrician's office and get an appointment. Normally I would call but (a) I couldn't remember the pediatrician's name and (b) I couldn't find her number and (c) I don't have a voice so phone calls really aren't working for me right now. I made an appointment for both boys at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, then we headed to the nearest ATM which didn't work, and then we took a long walk downtown to the next nearest ATM (which really wasn't near at all) and so the boys got quite the introduction to Iquique. They didn't seem to mind!

Back at home, we continued to work on setting a routine. I have to lay down in the room with the boys and they both squeal for a few minutes and pitch toys and blankets at me after I put them in their pack-n-plays, but eventually they realize I'm sticking around and they decide to lay down and go to sleep. Usually I fall asleep first, though! The really nice thing is that they are used to having to wait for "retrieval" once they wake up, so they chatter happily across the room when naptime ends. Yesterday they both began singing "Happy Birthday to You" in English, just like Lawanna told me that Ian would. It was so cute!

We had one other visitor today, Tia Deborita from church who had 'once' with us. The boys acted goofy and put on a show for her but stuck pretty close to Mommy. That was actually a relief, especially in Ian's case. I'll write more about some concerns with his attachment/bonding process later (although for the amount of time we've been together, I am really pleased at how well both boys are adjusting.)

The boys enjoying standing at the gate and watching the cars go by with Tia Martha. Before she left, Tia really wanted to take the boys for a walk in their stroller. The day had cooled off so it was a nice exercise. We have lots of hills around our house, so going down is a breeze but coming back up really gives you a work out!

watching the cars go by

oh so thirsty

Bedtime went really well. I think it is the shortest time the boys have fussed yet. Ian didn't fall asleep for awhile but he was content to lay quietly until he did. Such sweet boys ... I am so thankful to share these first days at home with them.

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Amanda said...

So glad it is going well! The first couple of baths, Joshua would not sit. We finally learned the creole word chita for sit down. We use it a lot. And now he LOVES sitting. I think they stand them up to bathe them over there, but once he experienced that nice warm water, he's a BATH LOVER! :~)

Another similar issue, is that I'm pretty sure that Joshua cries at naptime/bedtime because he doesn't want to be alone in the bedroom. So, we do various things so as not to leave him alone, as long as he isn't getting crazy/goofy and bucking the naptime system :~)

I love it. Every single bit of it, as I'm sure you do as well. :~)